The Living in Sweden Toolbox – Your Guide to Smooth Settlement in Sweden

Making the move to Sweden, whether you’re dreaming of its vast landscapes, embracing its innovative work culture, or seeking its high quality of life, marks the beginning of an exhilarating chapter. However, we understand that settling in a new country comes with its set of challenges, from navigating the local bureaucracy to finding the best mobile operator that suits your needs. This is where our specially curated Toolbox comes into play. Designed with you, the expat, in mind, our toolbox is a treasure trove of essential resources that aims to smooth your transition and enrich your living experience in Sweden.

Finding a House

Housing Website


hemnet logo stands out as a premier platform for expats hunting for a home in Sweden, offering an extensive and user-friendly database of real estate listings. With its comprehensive search tools and detailed property descriptions, it makes navigating the Swedish housing market easier for those new to the country.

Financial Solutions

Banking Service


n26b logo provides an ideal banking solution for expats in Sweden, offering a fully digital banking experience that simplifies managing finances in a new country. Its user-friendly app, available in multiple languages, and the absence of hidden fees make it a go-to choice for expats seeking hassle-free access to banking services.

Electricity and Gas Providers



independer logo

Telge Energi is a standout choice for expats in search of energy solutions in Sweden, offering eco-friendly electricity options that align with the country’s strong environmental values. Their commitment to sustainability, combined with transparent pricing and excellent customer service in various languages, makes it easier for newcomers to navigate the Swedish energy market and support renewable energy initiatives.

Mobile Operators

Mobile operator


hallon logo

Hallon stands out as a top pick for expats seeking mobile solutions in Sweden, thanks to its straightforward, no-contract mobile plans and competitive pricing. Their easy-to-use service, which includes generous data packages and excellent nationwide coverage, makes staying connected in Sweden hassle-free. With the added convenience of managing everything online, Hallon simplifies the process of getting a mobile phone service for newcomers.

Internet Providers

Internet operator


teleonr logo

Telenor stands out for expats seeking internet and broadband solutions in Sweden with its robust network coverage and flexible plans tailored to diverse needs. Their straightforward packages, coupled with excellent customer support, including English-speaking assistance, ensure that expats can easily find a reliable and high-speed internet connection, making their adjustment to life in Sweden smoother and more connected.




hedvig logo

Hedvig emerges as a top choice for expats in Sweden looking for insurance solutions, thanks to its innovative and user-friendly approach. Offering a wide range of coverages from home to personal belongings, Hedvig combines technology with exceptional customer service, available in English, to provide a seamless and reassuring insurance experience.