Energy companies in Sweden

Electricity & Gas suppliers in Sweden

When you shift to Sweden and settled down in your house, you may already have a energy provider in Sweden who is providing you energy that is set by default. With the default company, you may not be able to use their services to its potential, or you may be paying for the services you are not even using. The best way to get the best energy supply at reasonable rates is to compare different providers and explore your options on different electricity & gas suppliers in Sweden. It is not easy exploring and researching these suppliers if you are new to the country. So to help you out, we have made this article to help you get started on your journey to choosing the best energy supplier.

How To Find The Best Electricity Suppliers?

You can find the best utilities in Swedenwith just a simple search. You can use “Elavtal” to get a comprehensive list of electric providers. Most of these sites are in English if you are not good at Swedish. Following are some of the most popular energy providers in Sweden:

  • Telge Energi: They are the best choice for those concerned about the environment. They are known for selling electricity with eco-label good environment choices.
  • Telinet: It is an efficient option for people who want full control of their electricity usage hourly. They are the nation’s first digital electric company that also doesn’t take the margins on the electric price and does not make money from their customers’ consumption. It provides access to intelligent technology that allows people to analyze the consumption and functions that will allow them to control their electric consumption.
  • Fortum: They are Europe’s largest company and the 3rd biggest provider of CO2-free electricity.

Why Switch Energy Suppliers in Sweden?

You may have different energy suppliers than your families, friends, and neighbors. Hence, choosing the right energy company that fits best with your requirements is essential. If you are not sure whether you should switch your electricity & gas suppliers in Sweden, then read the following to learn whether you should make a switch or not:

  • You Want Fixed-Rate Energy Plan: If your electricity bill differs every month and is unpredictable. Then, switching to a new provider will help you choose a fixed-rate plan to lock in the energy supply rate. It will stay stable till the end of your contract.
  • You Wish To Reduce Carbon Footprint: Opt for a renewable-energy plan to become more eco-friendly. 
  • You Want Reasonable Prices: If you are looking for a plan that is according to your budget, then you must look for a supplier that provides you the freedom to choose a new plan that is competitive and cost-effective.
  • Your Current Plan Does Not Work For You: If you work from home all day, then the weekend plan and free night plan may not be appropriate for you if you are on a bill credit plan but cannot use enough energy to benefit from the offer. Or your house life has changed, or you have expanded your family or downsized the house? If you relate to any of these questions, then you must look for new energy companies in Sweden. 
  • You Are Not Satisfied With Your Current Provider: If you are looking for better customer service or a change in plan options. Then, you can easily compare the providers and their plans and opt for a new energy supplier that offers the best plan.

The ability to choose will provide you the chance to change energy suppliers. Hence, you must look for incentives, services, and benefits to choose the best plan.

What Are The Tips To Keep In Mind When Choosing An Energy Provider?

By keeping the following in mind, you can make the best choice:

  • Review The Exiting Deal: Before making the switch, you must review the current utilities in Sweden. A single electric supplier will be better and cheaper. Even if you want to pay for gas and electricity separately, it is best to compare the supplier and choose the appropriate plan.
  • Understand Energy Consumption: The tariff choice is affected by the energy amount you use. Hence, it is best to compare different tariffs. To identify the average, you must access your account and look at the last bills. It will allow you to make the best choice and help you choose the right plan.
  • Compare The Plans: You must compare different suppliers on the comparison sites and learn about the gas and electric deals. With these sites, you can easily compare the energy expenses from the current supplier to the one you are switching to.


You must keep these things in mind when you want to switch to a new electric & gas supplier in Sweden if you are not satisfied with their services and plans. You can also take the help of your neighbours, colleagues, and friends as they can recommend you the best provider according to your demands.